Escorts Ingolstadt

Escort Service Ingolstadt – an underestimated treasure

Ingolstadt has roughly 140.000 inhabitants and is the fifth biggest city in the federal state Bavaria. The city is often mentioned as an important industrial location; however it also has a lot to offer when it comes to cultural sites and events.

The closer you advance to Ingolstadt’s city center the more old walls and fortifications will catch your eye.

Therefore Escoreal Escort recommends a romantic walk through the Klenze park on the southern side of the Danube. Strolling through the lush green grounds you and your escort lady will have a beautiful view of “Reduit Tilly”. The Tilly keep and tower Triva are part of the third ring of defense around the city, which was built in the 19thcentury.

The city’s history and the fortifications go way back. Already in the 13thcentury Ingolstadt had a first town fortification. Within this area there is still a lot to see today; e.g. the Moritz Church or the Old Town Hall.

As time went on the city’s core expanded, a second city wall was in need. The second wall was built in the 14th/15thcentury and corresponds with the outline of today’s old town center. An impressive gate going back to that construction phase is the “Kreuztor” (lit. gate of the cross) in the western part of the old town center. With its six little corner towers and the noticeable brick façade is has become one of Ingolstadt’s most well known landmarks.

If you feel like taking a break after a walk along the old walls you can find various beer gardens in the old moat on the western side of the city; a perfect spot to enjoy traditional Bavarian cuisine and get in the mood for a more sensual evening with your escort ladies.


Escort Ingolstadt – Creepy times shared in bed

Who doesn’t know the all time horror classic “Frankenstein”?! But were you aware that Frankenstein’s monster from Mary Shelly’s novel was created in Ingolstadt? The English author was only 19 years old, when she came up with her creepy story. Read a couple of pages to your Escort Lady, she will surely want get close to you and find safety in your protective arms after such a thrilling read.

Luxury shopping at Ingolstadt Village

Ingolstadt Village is a haven for ambitious shoppers. It is one of nine shopping villages owned by Value Retail, a company that focuses on luxury outlets. Take a stroll along the shop windows together with your high class lady, maybe you’ll find a “sexy little nothing” that she can wear later. Shopping can be exhausting, take a break at the Circle One Terrace and enjoy a little snack and a refreshing drink.