About Me

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Bad Hersfeld, Kassel, Frankfurt 
165 cm 
89-68-95 cm, 59 kg 
German (mother tongue), English (business fluent) 
Steakhouse, Thai/Vietnamese, Oriental 
homemade lemonades, sweet white wines/ dessert wines, creamy-fruity cocktails 
feminin, chic, from time to time I enjoy dessing in sporty and close-fitting cuts 
Bra: 70 D panties: M, from black and wicked to colourful and happy 
Hugo Boss - Deep Red 
travelling & hiking, fitness & jogging, dancing (bachata), going out, yoga & meditation 
36/38 S/M 

Short Profile

Like an energy drink - sweet and full of energy, waiting to refresh you with a short (or long) tingling time-out. I dare to doubt however, that you can keep a cool head during that time. Through many years of riding experience and as a Bachata and fitness pole dancer I know how to move my body quite well. Which can be a lot of fun, especially in combination with another body.
I carry the sun in my heart and my laughter and positivity is proven to be contagious. So come a little closer - I love to share. I like to cuddle and caress each other all over the body. By the way, I especially enjoy butt massages. But please be careful to not awaken the little feline predator, otherwise it could go pretty wild... By the way, a threesome or a foursome can get even hotter - let's play with fire?! I also like to be grabbed a little tighter from time to time and love it when a man takes what he wants. I find new things exciting: new countries, new inspirations through the life stories of others, new "unfamiliar" skin. By the way, when I travel, I prefer to go to Southeast Asia. As an adventurer, I'm quick to get excited about "that something special" of any kind - I love life and think it's great when the person I'm talking to has just as much to tell about his or her life. But I can also be inspired by conversations about technology and research. As a studied engineer I have a certain inquisitiveness in these areas.

See you very soon,
Your Chloè

* I am a non-smoker
* My photos were taken in June 2023

Public Feedback

Würzburg, July 2023
Hello dear Adriana - and dear Chloe, we also enjoyed it very much. Chloe has a radiance and a heartfelt manner, that is simply contagious. And of course she is also very very pretty and blessed with a dream body.
Wurzburg, September 2023
Dear Adriana It was a very fulfilling and intense beautiful date with Chloe; she is such a fun-loving, open, interested personality in everything beautiful the world has to offer; it was very lively conversations and a beautiful erotic togetherness. Thanks also to you Adriana for the good organization.
Frankfurt, February 2024
Dear Adriana, The evening with Chloe was wonderful. Chloe is an intelligent, versatile, lively, athletic, well-trained and at the same time impressively sensitive and loving sexy woman. It was a great GFE. It is absolutely admirable how she masters her many multifaceted commitments, ideas and daily private challenges. I wish her all the best for the new hurdles ahead ... Best wishes ...
Frankfurt, March 2024
It was a wonderfully entertaining and inspiring time with her and I hope she felt comfortable too. Chloé is an admirable person with a really great personality, a great sense of humor and a breathtaking charisma. I am very pleased and happy that this meeting came about.

My Fees

1,5 hours750 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,200 €
4 hours1,350 €
5 hours1,500 €
6 hours1,650 €
1 night (up to 12 hours)1,950 €
1 night (up to 18 hours)2,250 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,550 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,350 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days7,000 €
6 days8,000 €
1 week8,500 €
10 days9,000 €
12 days10,500 €
2 weeks12,000 €

My Fares

Bad Hersfeld0 € 
Kassel100 € 
Gießen100 € 
Frankfurt100 € 
Erfurt150 € 

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