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Munich, Nuremberg, international 
early 30s 
175 cm 
93-64-95 cm 
German (mother tongue), English (fluent) 
champagne, wine, still water 
feminie, elegant, sporty, sexy 
Bra: 75 C panties: M, lace or Agent Provocateur 
yoga, travelling, art & culture, sports, literature, wellness & spa 

Short Profile

I love life in all its facets - am curious, wild and passionate - yet tender and devoted.

My character is defined by authenticity und vivacity, as well as harmony.

Thanks to my empathy, openness and disarming humor we will quickly create a relaxed atmosphere and easily get over any possible initial nervousness. In addition, I am an attentive and eloquent conversation partner and know how to adapt to any given situation.

I find it incredibly exciting and thrilling to spend a great time with a successful and inspiring man and to dive into a special, sensual, intense and passionate world through the adventure with you.

Because the time we take is time that gives us something.

Full of anticipation for our first date...

Yours, Cleo <3

*I'm a non-smoker
* My pictures were taken in June 2024 and March 2023

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Public Feedback

Bavaria, May 2023
Cleo is a very warm, uncomplicated and very very pretty lady :-) She appeared on time and was in a good mood although the weather was really lousy... You can talk great with her, and quickly find common themes. The erotic aspect with her was also wonderful, definitely Cleo is also one of the best ladies at Escoreal.
Cologne, July 2023
Despite adverse circumstances, such as rain showers instead of predicted 30 degrees heat and a flood protection exercise, Cleo appeared on time in a good mood and as desired nicely dressed. During the meal I could get to know a strong character. She formulated her wishes and ideas without restraint, but was always focused on me as a customer. I could not have imagined a more pleasant company for the time. It was a completely satisfying encounter for me. Asked afterwards why her best date was the best, Cleo gave back because of the man. I think this says a lot about Cleo as an escort.
Travel Escort, September 2023
Dear Adriana, thank you very much for this wonderful time with Cleo. She is a good looking, charming and intelligent young lady. We had a great time and I really appreciate her empathy. I will not forget our time together in the mountains and I am already looking forward to seeing her again.
Munich, February 2024
Dear Charlotte, dear Lena, The date with Cleo was wonderful! Cleo completely enchanted me with her smile... We had great, intense conversations with a beautiful panoramic view of the sunny Alps and even more beautiful and intense physical closeness. I also really enjoyed having breakfast together. Best wishes to Cleo and I hope she made it home safely! And many, many thanks for getting up so early; I'm still a bit tired now too ;-) And thank you both very much for the smooth organization!
Munich, May 2024
Dear Adriana, OH My Gosh , Cleo is AMAZING. What a lady!!! Beautiful, classy and smart. I had the date of my life with her. I hope she enjoyed it! Thank you

My Fees

1,5 hours900 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,100 €
4 hours1,300 €
5 hours1,450 €
6 hours1,600 €
1 night (up to 12 hours)2,100 €
1 night (up to 18 hours)2,400 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,800 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,000 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days6,500 €
6 days7,000 €
1 week7,500 €
10 days9,000 €
12 days10,500 €
2 weeks12,000 €

My Fares

Nürnberg40 € 
München75 € 
Regensburg100 € 
Stuttgart150 € 
Frankfurt150 € 
Leipzig200 € 
Köln250 € 
Berlin250 € 
Hamburg350 € 
Bremen400 € 
Kiel450 € 
Paris500 € 
London550 € 

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