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Nuremberg, Leipzig, worldwide 
176 cm 
84/69/86; 57 kg 
German (mother tongue), English (very good)  
Italian, Asian 
Champagne, whisky, rum 
from elegant all the way to casual (depending on the occasion) 
Bra: 75C panties: S; I like suspenders 
drawing, swimming, diving, darts, billiard, chess and video games 

Short Profile

Summarizing a person in a few lines is hard, but to appease your curiosity a bit, I'll give it a try here.
I am Alice. Yes, the name is pronounced like Alice in Wonderland.
An extremely appropriate name as I think, because our world often seems like a crazy wonderland, which is just waiting to be explored. This is exactly what you can expect on our date. A wonderful time for two, in which we can enjoy the pleasures of life and explore the soul and body of the other.
I am a very tender person who wants to enjoy every touch to the fullest. In a man I wish to have a strong sense of humor, because I would like to laugh a lot with him too. Because a good time for me also clearly include good conversations. I love to really get to know my date and to let myself fall completely with him. I like to travel insanely and love to discover new places in pairs, or to create new memories in old familiar places. I'm definitely not an adrenaline junkie, I'm rather afraid of great heights and I'm also not into extreme sports. Instead, I find it easy to see the beauty in the simple and ordinary things. I am a very down-to-earth woman and definitely not a princess. For others, I am often a calming influence and can empathize well with others with my empathetic nature. You will be able to let yourself fall with me and may just be yourself. With my loving personality I close you with security quickly in my heart and give you thereby completely unplayed the feeling of having found a real lover for a time. I am always looking forward to new encounters, but I would also like some information about you in advance in the request, so that I can assess you a little in advance. I use the dates to have a little time out from everyday life and will do my best to distract you from all the daily stress.
This would probably be all the important things said about me, if you have any further questions, Adriana will help you with certainty.
I look forward to seeing you!

* I am a tolerant non-smoker
* My photos were taken in July 2022
* Covid-19: I am fully vaccinated

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Public Feedback

Stuttgart, July 2021
Alice is a natural and beautiful woman. Her warm, loving manner and her humour give you the feeling that you have known each other for a long time. Hours become minutes. Thank you for the great time! Thank you very much.
Fulda, January 2022
Dear Adriana, the evening with Alice was absolutely magical! Time flies, because Alice is an absolutely eloquent, lovely and intelligent young lady, who also looks insanely great! After a joint sauna session, we spent the night in such a way that it will remain in my first-class memory for a very long time. I would not like to leave unmentioned, however, that I have never had such an insanely relaxing massage! I am very much looking forward to a repeat soon! Love greetings
Wurzburg, May 2022
Dear Adriana, dear Lena, Thank you very much for arranging and organising the date with Alice yesterday, which was requested at very short notice. Booking spontaneously and overnight was also an interesting experience. And what a sweet and delightful creature Alice is. With brains and heart. Body and soul. And personality. You could chat with her for hours and at the same time you would love to cuddle her all the time. To melt away. Please give her my love again.
Salzburg, August 2022
The time together with Alice was wonderful ... I really experienced it like a day with my beloved. Thank you so much to her for the time and also to you for organizing it 🙂 . I am also happy to know that it was a good fit for her....
Nuremberg, August 2022
Alice is a dream woman. Very pretty and beautiful, also intelligent, athletic, confident and sensitive. Simply a pleasant personality with which you feel comfortable. After 5 minutes at the latest, that's how I felt, you find her irresistible. Getting to know her was a special experience, which one cannot forget and also does not want to forget. Not only the conversations with her were great and intimate. One can only praise you and I would definitely like to see Alice again!
Leipzig, October 2022
Alice is an incredibly sweet, intelligent and likeable young woman who immediately captivated me with her personality and charisma, and immediately wiped away my initial concerns about the age difference. You can talk to her about God and the world - and the nice thing is that she not only talks, but also listens and actually has something to say and an opinion of her own, a quality that is unfortunately not so widespread nowadays. Oh yes - by the way, we didn't just talk ;-) but for everything else - including outward appearances - I don't have the words now, or rather I'm running out of superlatives. I would like to mention that Alice was full of praise for your agency and you as a person. That was very nice to hear and sounded very honest. If at some point I manage to recover from the emotional chaos that Alice has obviously used on me, I would like to see her again - I hope I can then turn to you again with confidence.
Nuremberg, November 2022
Thank you so much Adriana to present me with the opportunity to meet with the lovely Alice. Alice is very special and it was very exiting to meet with her and discover her uniqness as a lady that has so many different flavors. We started with a great conversation and we connected right away as we found that we were on the same level on so many aspects. Her self confidence and great ability to be a great companion made the whole evening so special and we had so much fun and shared a lot of pleasure. Her ability in the private area was very special as her soft and gentle approch towards me gave me so much exitment and pleasure, she truly has the great scills to bring that special Girlfriend experince in a meeting. I am very happy to have had the time with and I am looking forward to discover more of Alice in the future
Leipzig, March 2023
Sometimes you have to give the beautiful moments a chance. A spring evening in Leipzig, a good restaurant, a room with a view and - Alice. She looks just as good as in the photos, feels even better, is even better, is interested in many things. Did I already mention her her laughter? Closeness, tenderness, passion and simply a good time together. If you are looking for the hot and cold femme fatale for the 'edgy experience' will surely find someone else. From me five stars (real) and gladly again.
Erlangen, April 2023
Hello Adriana, The meeting with Alice was just fantastic. Really almost impossible to describe. I mean physically, the pictures on her page have already let you dream. In reality I would almost say even more beautiful. But the character of Alice is really mega, so I think with her it is never boring to talk.
Frankfurt, April 2023
Alice was absolutely on time at the meeting point, besides her great figure and sweet smile, I noticed her politeness (always please and thank you), she simply has a very nice etiquette, without this seeming imposed. Besides that, she is an absolute sunshine, loves to laugh and has retained a childlike joy and curiosity, which I mean in an absolutely positive sense, because she doesn't seem infantile at all - behind her pretty exterior there is an alert mind. I enjoyed every facet of the meeting with her very much - it was the perfect GFE!
Bavaria, June 2023
Hello Adriana, The date with Alice is hard to describe. Despite all odds, the evening turned into the best date yet. Alice is unbeatably optimistic and approachable. You feel safe and can talk about anything. She is unprecedentedly responsive to my needs and I hope I was able to meet her :) In Alice's words. "We had to earn this beautiful evening". I would like to reiterate how fantastic the date was and look forward to seeing Alice again soon. :)
Nuremberg, June 2023
Dear Adriana, the date with Alice was great! It started funny when she suddenly appeared at the door while I was just in the shower. Alice is really a wonderful creature. She looks even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures! She is aware of it and flirts with it wonderfully. So it was a great date, and of course we had some deep conversations. Thank you very much for the again friendly and uncomplicated organization. Best regards and see you soon.
Bavaria, July 2023
Dear Adriana, I have really never experienced anything like this! Of course, the sympathy and the mood must fit, but Alice comes into the room and you feel at first sight, already at the greeting very comfortable with you. Her natural way, the cordiality and the conversations were as one wishes on a nice evening. I will try to repeat this wellness evening with Alice as soon as possible. It was my most beautiful evening I've ever had with escorts ladies....
Wurzburg, September 2023
The date was wonderful; Alice is magical in every way. It was such a lively open conversation, full of humor and laughter. An intense exchange of thoughts and feelings. The erotic togetherness was very tender, intimate and yet full of passion in a very intimate atmosphere. It was an extremely enriching togetherness. Many thanks also to you Adriana for the organization and accurate information.
Bayreuth, September 2023
Hello Adriana, Regardless of the sexual and her sexy figure, it is always super nice and beautiful to spend the evening together with Alice. The openness is just totally pleasant and makes the evening as you imagine it.
Leipzig, October 2023
Hello Adriana, The date with Alice was indescribable and exceeded my expectations in every way. We had a wonderful time together. Many thanks for the professional care around the date to you and your team.
Munich, March 2024
On a rainy night in Munich, I had an unforgettable date with Alice. From the moment I saw her stepping out of the taxi, my heart started racing and the evening soon turned into a whirlwind of gourmet dining, scintillating conversations and warm tenderness. I'm still trying to compose myself and recollect my thoughts. Appearance-wise, it should be obvious from her profile photos that she is perfection from head to toe. Her all-natural and tattoo-free body has more curves than Nürburgring, and her angelic face is youthful with flawless complexion. Alice is the mythical unicorn that men fantasize about. It seems almost too good to be true for ONE individual to have so much sex appeal, yet there she is, sitting next to me, looking at me with an inviting gaze. She has a curious and creative nature, as well as a calm demeanor that makes it easy to open up on a variety of topics. We were honest with each other throughout the night, and with mutual respect and empathy, conversation bounced back and forth like music in a concert hall. Sweet tenderness was never-ending later in the evening. Between a warm shower together, gentle caresses, and her expressive glances, I was always enveloped in a love cocoon, where few words need to be said yet so much was exchanged. Kudos to Adriana for making this evening possible, and thank you Alice for your unforgettable companionship!

My Fees

1,5 hours900 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,200 €
4 hours1,350 €
5 hours1,500 €
6 hours1,650 €
1night (up to 12 hrs)2,300 €
1 night (up to 18 hrs)2,500 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,700 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,300 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days7,000 €
6 days8,000 €
1 week9,000 €
10 days12,000 €
12 days13,000 €
2 weeks14,000 €

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Nürnberg50 € 
Erlangen50 € 
Bamberg50 € 
Würzburg70 € 
Leipzig100 € 
Frankfurt100 € 
München130 € 

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