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Munich, Bavaria, worldwide 
166 cm 
82-62-88 cm, 49 kg 
German (mother tongue), Englisch (fluent), French (basics) 
Oriental, Mediterranean, Japanese, fusion kitchen 
Campari, Aperol, Lillet 
girly-elegant, sporty 
Bra: 65 D panties: XS, Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur, Maison Close 
fitness, piano, psychology, culture (museums, ballet), cuisines 
psychologist at a management consultancy 

Short Profile

I am a petite, athletic blonde who likes to dress girlie yet elegant and wears only discreet make-up or a smile on my lips. I take care of myself as well as my body with sports, selected nutrition as well as meditation and reflection.

I have a passion for aesthetics and fashion and appreciate a balanced as well as creative menu for dinner. I like to get to know you as an authentic person and am happy to listen, ask deeper questions and have an inspiring conversation in a relaxed setting.

What distinguishes me is my versatility. At first glance, I may seem rather reserved to those around me.
At second glance, my empathy, creativity, caring side as well as my sharp humor become visible.
And if you then take a look behind the scenes, you will discover my passion for delightful adventures and the unconventional.

What comes naturally to me is my rather submissive side and I enjoy talking to you about desires and fantasies (I enjoy dirty talk), creating a tingling atmosphere, and then spending an exciting time together.

* I'm a non-smoker
* My pictures were taken in August 2022

My Duo Partners

Public Feedback

Ulm, September 2022
Dear Adriana, actually I don't have the words to describe how uniquely beautiful it was! I will try anyway: I have never met such an intelligent, attractive, sympathetic, emphatic, original, well-read, educated and sensual woman. If I were an old, naive fool, I would have asked Amalia to marry me. Fortunately, at least I am not naive.
Munich, January 2023
Dear Adriana, just wanted to thank you again for the organization and the mail exchange. This was so far definitely my best escort date and have enjoyed the 24 hours with Amalia from beginning to end, for me more or less the perfect GFE. The initial doubts about breaking the ice you have fortunately cleared, was in retrospect also completely unfounded. Have probably talked this time also significantly more than usual with me. But the chemistry just fit and Amalia has not only a great body, but is virtually the complete package of body, brain & charm 🥰 Am still in the afterdate blues, a bit on cloud nine and tell her again a big thank you from me. And I think we both had a great time and got our money's worth. At least that was my impression and if not, she at least managed to give me the feeling that she felt the same way. Picture, by the way, there was as usually none, but is also rather a sign of how nice the time together was: Means then normally just that she has managed that I can drop & 100% devote myself to the moment. So again a big thank you to Amalia for the common 24Std and the associated, great memories.
Munich, March 2023, Duo with Stella
Adriana, You were dear to set up my magical date with Stella and Amalia. I didn’t want it to end. I leave Munich with a heavy heart but beautiful memories. The threesome went perfectly. The ladies got along quite well with each other and with me! You made my dream come true to enjoy two beautiful women. Stella is a dream woman; gorgeous, with dark brown eyes and a smile that will infect a man’s being, she quickly captured my heart. I have to see her again. Eighteen hours was too short. Amalia is a beautiful woman with a radiance of grace and perfection that mesmerized me. Twelve hours was not enough to experience her vivacious personality, charm, and wit. Her body is honed to perfection! I have to see her again! Stella and Amalia are my dream women: beautiful, erotic, intelligent, the captivating trio of a man’s soul, heart, and mind. Please convey my best wishes to them. I am writing a poem for each, which I will send you to deliver.
Poem to Amalia, March 2023
Her aqua eyes rippled like steamy sensual pools from a desire casually tossed With the scent of no shame, this ignited the carnal flame that drew the three in And the heat of three bodies simmering in lust caused all inhibitions to be lost So we wantonly pressed into each other’s flesh not wanting the blaze to end With limbs entangled our parted lips nibbled while yearning hands quietly probed Then in a crashing shudder, our graces were offered on the climactic altar of lust Hammered on the anvil of trust, our feverish moans uttered secrets untold Spent from our dalliance, the blessed trinity cuddled in one wholly naughtiness.
Munich, April 2023
Unfortunately, the two hours went by too quickly. The two of us got along very quickly and I had the impression that me and Amalia were on the same wavelength. The conversations with her were very interesting and she is a very intelligent and attractive woman. I have only the best compliments for her. The outfit suited her very well and she made an effort to implement my outfit wishes in view of the unfortunately bad weather in Munich, which I appreciate very much. The passion was also not too short, tender but also wild and it was very nice with her. I enjoyed the complete, unfortunately much too short time together. I hope very much that she also liked it, at least my impression. I wish her all the best in any case and would book her again on occasion. Thank you also for your super advice and the organization of the date.
Nuremberg, October 2023
Dear Adriana, I wanted to give you some feedback about the meeting with Amalia last Tuesday. Amalia is absolutely great, no, much better. I don't know anything that could have been better or different. The catch: I would love to meet her again, unfortunately I am very rarely so far south.

My Fees

1,5 hours800 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,100 €
4 hours1,400 €
5 hours1,500 €
6 hours1,600 €
1 night (up to 12 hours)2,500 €
1 night (up to 18 hours)3,000 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)3,500 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)5,000 €
For additional 24 hrs1,000 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days7,000 €
5 days8,000 €
6 days9,000 €
1 week10,000 €
10 days12,000 €
12 days14,000 €
2 weeks16,000 €

My Fares

Stuttgart150 € 
Berlin300 € 
Köln300 € 
Dresden300 € 
Hamburg350 € 
Düsseldorf350 € 

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