What woman does not want an exciting life full of luxury, adventure and variety, in which she is looked after every day? – With us, perhaps you are just one step away from these dreams.

Because we find for you carefully selected contacts with successful, likeable and interesting gentlemen around the world: and, of course, entirely according to your specifications and always in consultation with you!

If you are studying, undergoing training or have a permanent job, this is no problem for us. Your own time mangement is entirely in your hands.

Our high-class escort service will make this exciting sideline as comfortable, safe and discreet as possible. So you can live your life as normal and from time to time immerse yourself into a world of adventure as an escort.

If this appeals to you we invite you to contact us, with no obligation, and fill out our application form. We will take time for all your questions and decide together whether you are ready for the adventure of becoming an escort.

We offer you...

  • a lucrative and varied part-time job
  • we are there for you 24 hours a day
  • we provide you with a free Model Sedcard
  • we have a sympathetic ear for all your questions and concerns
  • we take care of all the organisational aspects of your dates
  • we ensure your safety

We expect from you...

  • a beautiful face & body- 50% of your success lies in your appearance, but only 50% ;-)
  • that you are at least 20 years old and no older than 40
  • that you are between 160 and 180 cm tall
  • that your wardrobe satisfies every possible requirement
  • that you have an open, spontaneous, adventurous personality
  • that you have a positive attitude towards life
  • that you like eroticism
  • that you preferably have no conspicuous piercings and / or tattoos
  • that you have a good general education
  • that you can maintain discretion and confidentiality
  • that you possess a high degree of flexibility and are resilient
  • that you have excellent manners
  • that you love being spoiled, but also enjoy fulfilling your partner's wishes
  • that you like to travel and are open to other countries and cultures
  • that your appearance is discreet, elegant and above all natural
  • that you are reliable and punctual
  • that you are flawlessly articulate
  • that you speak fluent English and ideally other foreign languages
  • that you have a robust psyche and your own principles

Please do not apply if ...

  • you are conceited and self-centered
  • you are constantly whining, moaning and complaining
  • you are clumsy or unathletic
  • you view other beautiful women as your natural enemies
  • you look too artificial; because our sophisticated customers particularly appreciate naturalness in a woman!
  • you are in financial difficulty and only looking for "easy money"
  • you are an alcoholic or drug addict
  • you have no other regular occupation (work, study, training)
  • you are mentally fragile or suffer from depression

Escoreal Casting is being transfered...

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Eye colour:
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Do you possess a valid passport?
What is your native language?
What other languages do you speak?
What qualifications do you possess (school exams, professional training, degrees)
What is you current occupation?
Have you ever worked as an escort? Where? For how long?
How would you describe your personality?
What is the motivation behind your application?
Please send us at least 5 current photos of you, in which you are clearly visible. Most importantly, if you send us professional photos, taken by a photographer, please also send us at least one private, unaltered photo.
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