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Munich, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg 
170 cm 
95-69-98, 58 kg 
German (fluent), English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent) 
Asian, Steak 
White Wine, Cocktails 
casual, elegant 
Bra: 80D ( natural), panties: 38 
Coco Chanel No.5 
Fitness, Dancing 

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* My pictures were taken in December 2020
* Covid-19: I'm fully vaccinated

Public Feedback

Wiesbaden, May 2019
Liebe Adriana, emotions, temperament, craziness. Danke Alina für schöne Stunden voller Lebensenergie. Danke an Sie, Adriana, für das geräuschlose Arrangieren.
Memmingen, December 2019
Es war eine sehr schöne Zeit mit Alina. Alina ist wirklich eine total süße, liebe Maus. Hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt ;-) Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder bei Dir buchen wenn es Gelegenheit dazu gibt. Super Betreuung und reibungsloser Ablauf. Und du bist ja auch eine ganz Liebe.
Munich, September 2021
Dear Adriana, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful date with Alina. It was a very special time, passionate, full of emotions and feelings. She is a woman who went beyond what I would expect from any girl. The time with her is so fun, sexy, uncomplicated and the conversation with her is so emotional. I am amazed to have had the opportunity to meet her, she is a very intelligent and impressive woman, at no time did she stop humouring me with her stories. I feel fortunate to have enjoyed an evening with her, to have met her and above all to have been pampered by her. Her passion and love leave me with unforgettable memories. Thank you very much for everything.
Austria, September 2021
Dear Adriana! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for organising the date with Alina! I enjoyed the time with her from the first to the last moment of our 15-hour get-together. And I had the strong impression that this was mutual. So it was very difficult for me to say goodbye:-( We got on very well straight away, had common themes straight away and were actually always on the same wavelength. The evening programme was a well-rounded affair, we talked and laughed a lot, especially the nightly visit to the SPA area will remain in my memory forever. The gentleman is silent about the rest of the evening/night and revels in pleasurable memories. I can only say this much: it was heavenly and I had the feeling that Alina also got her money's worth... About Alina herself: she is a really warm-hearted, intelligent, cheerful young woman who can tell a lot because she has already lived in many different places and has done and experienced a lot herself. She is very natural, with a radiant smile and lively brown eyes. She has lovely long, soft brown hair and not to forget: she has a beautiful body! Please give her your very best regards, and tell her a big thank you for this wonderful time together! Hopefully she made it to Vienna safely and enjoyed her time there.I hope "see you soon"!
Graz, June 2022, Duo with Isabella
Punctually at 6 p.m. these two great graces appeared in the hotel room, from the first moment the ice was broken and we had a good chat right from the start. What can I say, these two ladies made me melt immediately. Alina captivates with her hot-bloodedness, her temperament and her extroverted nature, I like her a lot. We got along excellently on a verbal as well as on a non-verbal level. Now to Isabella, she is an absolute dream woman, where the sweetest compliment or the most beautiful superlative pales beside her breathtaking beauty. She captivates with an unbelievable boundless elegance, feminine class and a charm that a man cannot resist. She is an absolute angel or the most delicate temptation on earth. We then had a wonderful dinner, with a good bottle of white wine and had an evening with a lot of amusement, humour and good humour. About the time in the room the gentleman is silent, only so much, from my side it was simply outstanding and unsurpassed. I hope the ladies also enjoyed it very much. Send Alina and Isabella my very best regards and that I still have to think of them with my thoughts and emotions of the many thousands of wonderful moments. Thank you Adriana for the wonderful organisation of this irresistible time.
Erlangen, August 2022
Hello Adriana, I just wanted to thank you that everything went well and it was a very nice date. Alina was just great and we had super much fun. I will repeat it if possible soon.
Munich, November 2022
A meeting with Alina already begins the way it goes and unfortunately also then times ends. She captivates throughout with her completely natural, open-hearted nature. Her honest enthusiasm for the other person is incredibly refreshing, while she also likes to share her, more than just impressive and entertaining life experience in return. This makes conversation and interaction with her almost as easy as a feather. Because no matter what topic is in the room; she can talk and is therefore for every place and undertaking in the element. Through her lively and at the same time sensitive nature, the feel-good moments arise in private as if by itself and you can completely let yourself fall in her presence, to fully and especially together, to enjoy the time. To say that she would master escort to the fullest extent would even be insufficient. She not only accompanies, she takes care of her company in a breathtakingly pleasant way and thus creates countless moments of happiness from beginning to end.

My Fees

1,5 hours650 €
2 hours800 €
3 hours1,000 €
4 hours1,200 €
5 hours1,350 €
6 hours1,500 €
1night (up to 12 hrs)2,000 €
1 night (up to 18 hrs)2,300 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,500 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,000 €
For additional 24 hrs1,000 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days5,500 €
5 days6,000 €
6 days6,500 €
1 week7,000 €
10 days8,000 €
12 days9,000 €
2 weeks10,500 €

My Fares

München0 € 
Ingolstadt50 € 
Nürnberg120 € 
Ulm120 € 
Regensburg120 € 

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