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Imperial city, patrician city, doll city, three rivers city - if you google "Augsburg", you will come across many alternative names. But no name has shaped the town as much as that of a linen weaver who asked to be entered in the citizens' list in 1367. Would you like to know who is behind this description? Then arrange a date with the enchanting escort ladies from escoreal and let them tell you the story!

All the ladies we have in our model file have a high level of general education and will be able to answer your question about the mysterious craftsman as eloquently as they can. So you don't need to worry about intellectual demands - just let your personal taste be your guide.

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Zurich, 27.3.-30.4. Munich
Munich, 14.04. - 20.05. not available
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Munich, Bavaria, worldwide
Frankfurt, Fulda, international
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Munich, 09.-19.04. not available
Nuremberg, Munich, worldwide
Karlsruhe, 26.4.-28.4. Munich
Cologne, Düsseldorf, Germany-wide
Munich, Bavaria, worldwide
Munich, Bavaria, worldwide
Frankfurt, Hesse, international
Cologne, Dusseldorf, worldwide
Frankfurt, Mannheim, worldwide
Salzburg, not available March 25th-April 3rd
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Berlin, not available at the moment
Nuremberg, Munich, Frankfurt
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High-class selection for a high-class service

The sedcards of the escort ladies reveal both outer characteristics and inner values. On the basis of the photo cut-outs and profiles you will find out which hair and eye colour or body and clothing size your preferred model has. You can find out about the lady's age, profession and hobbies. Or find out which languages she speaks and which perfume or lingerie brand she prefers. You can even compare your eating habits with those of the escort ladies - and occasionally the photos even reveal sexual preferences.

But there are some things the sedcards withhold from you. On the one hand, to maintain respectability; on the other hand, because the models want it that way. Most of them pursue a regular job or study and want to share the pleasures of the escort service exclusively with their clients. For this reason, we always present the ladies in poses or picture details that preserve anonymity.

Further information about the escort ladies

The desire to see your escort in full beauty is understandable - but must wait until your booking request is confirmed. From this moment on you have the opportunity to exchange portrait shots with your future escort from Augsburg and to take a closer look at each other.

Surprisingly, most men refrain from such an encounter with their escort ladies. Perhaps because they know that every woman has charming sides and because they can rely 100% on the selection criteria of escoreal. But maybe also because a little excitement increases the appeal and makes it that much more exciting to meet your escort in Augsburg.


Arrival: How to meet your escort in Augsburg

To do this, of course, you first need to arrive. However, this might be difficult - at least if you are used to travelling by air. Scheduled flights to and from Augsburg have been severely restricted for some time; the existing airfield is mainly used by private and charter aircraft or for training purposes.

To meet your favourite escort lady, either take the federal motorway 8 to / from Munich and Stuttgart or one of the three federal roads that tangent Augsburg. As a train traveller, you will already reach the first sight of the city with the stop at the main station. It was built between 1843 and 1846, making it the oldest major city railway station still in use in Germany.

Almost all public transport lines stop at Königsplatz, a central point in Augsburg. From here you can walk with your escort directly into the pedestrian zone. There you will find a wide variety of shops: homemade goods next to luxury goods and small, owner-managed shops next to large supra-regional suppliers. A mixture that is really rare in city centres and makes Augsburg a shopping paradise.


Shopping: Tips for you and your escort in Augsburg

But if that is what you have in mind: Please resist the temptation to visit the much-vaunted city market. It may be a mecca for fresh produce fans and a delight for anyone who appreciates trouble; for a relaxed stroll with escort service, it is definitely too crowded, too noisy and too confusing. Instead, let yourself be guided to one of Augsburg's extensive tea shops, where you can buy or sample up to 250 varieties. Another of the city's original craftsmen are Augsburg's goldsmiths' and silversmiths' ateliers. Their history dates back to the 16th century and is impressively documented in the Maximilian Museum.

If you want to bring back something from Augsburg besides the memory of your escort, you will find the perfect souvenir at the Tourist Information on Rathausplatz. Here you can find bags made of protective tarpaulin from the renovation of the city's town hall, guaranteeing you individual one-offs.

Places of interest: City and family history in one

But why are we already talking about souvenirs when you have only just met Augsburg and your escort? Let's just stay a little longer in the centre and take a look at the highlights of the city with your high-class escort:

There is - where you have already reached the town hall because of the bag - the Golden Hall inside the building. It takes its name from the countless shiny decorations that adorn the entire ceiling. A testimony to a time long gone, but by no means forgotten, when Augsburg was the hub of European trade.


On the trail of Augsburg's history with your escort

Now, at the latest, is the time to ask your companion about the linen weaver mentioned at the beginning. Because he is closely linked to this period of prosperity. Even without your escort, you probably know who naturalised in Augsburg and became the progenitor of an entire dynasty: Hans Fugger married into influential families twice and thus founded the richest and most powerful empire of the early modern period.

The influence of his descendants is present throughout the cityscape, but nowhere more striking than in the form of the Fuggerei. The small yellow houses of the social settlement house 140 flats and are surrounded by their own city wall with three gates. And now let us tell you what is probably the biggest sensation in Augsburg! Your escort will confirm it: The cold rent for a Fuggerei flat amounts to the equivalent of the currency used at the time and is only 88 euro cents (!) per year (!) - because to this day the complex is fed by the assets of the old merchant family.

Would you like a walk along the Old City Wall with your escort lady?

Even more deeply rooted in history is the Old City Wall. It was built in Roman times and like the ancient empire itself, it seems to have no end. The best place to start a sightseeing tour is the Fishermen's Gate in the northwest of the Old Town. From here, a path leads to the former Lug fortress.

There you will find a beer garden. This invites you to linger, especially in summer, and offers a fantastic view over the eastern suburbs of Augsburg. Finally, make your way back with your escort lady and keep an eye out for the city's famous water towers.

You're bound to spot one, and if you're lucky, it's the one at the Rotes Tor. This is also where Augsburg's open-air theatre is located and something your escort lady MUST draw your attention to if she wants to show you the highlights of the city: the Heilig-Geist-Spital (Holy Spirit Hospital) with the nationally famous puppet theatre of Mr. and Mrs. Oehmichen - better known as the Augsburg Puppet Box.