Gentleman´s Guide


Gifts are of course not essential, but they often stay in a lady's memory longer than many a kiss ... So if you want to leave a lasting impression on your sweetheart, a little attention from you can give her great pleasure. Gift ideas can be found, for example, listed in the lady's Sedcard (perfume, lingerie). Please feel free to ask me for suggestions. I know the ladies very well and I'm sure I can give you a few hints.


It is well known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... which is why you should consider your own creature comforts as well as those of your chosen one. For longer appointments (more than 4 hours) the ladies assume that they will be taken to dinner or you will call for room service. For shorter dates (up to 3 hours) I would recommend that you offer the lady a small snack and of course something to drink.


Please advise the agency before your date of the services you require. Every lady completes a questionnaire giving detailed information about the services they offer. If you don't ask until the date is under way, it would put you and the lady in an unnecessarily awkward situation and spoil the romantic atmosphere.


One drink helps to create a relaxed atmosphere ... and even two ... All the same, I would recommend moderating your alcohol consumption so that you can enjoy your date while fully in charge of your faculties. Of course there are no objections if you would like a drink with your lady. But if you receive the lady when you are already reeling drunkenly around, it is certainly not particularly pleasant for her. I would also ask you not to try to persuade the ladies to drink alcohol if they have to drive after the date. If you are really planning on a boozy evening, please let me know in advance so that a hotel room can be booked for the lady.


Please do not ask our ladies to have intercourse without a condom. It is pointless. None of our ladies will agree to it, not only for their own protection but because of the responsibility they have toward other customers.


Our ladies prepare themselves carefully for a date with you: perfect styling, fresh breath and of course they are freshly showered and shaved. Our escort models equally expect from you- as an elite customer - a certain level of personal hygiene. After all, on an escort date two complete strangers come together and potentially get very close to each other. And if you smell good, it makes it much easier to let yourself go ...