Will I really meet the Escoreal escort of my choice as she is depicted on the website?

I guarantee you this 100%. All escorts are either known to us personally or were cast as part of an exclusive Escoreal photo shoot by our agency photographer. On request, you can also see a raw photo of the escort.

Can I make direct contact with the Escoreal escorts?

No. Please respect the fact that the escorts have chosen to be represented by an agency to protect their privacy. Passing on contact information would not only endanger the escorts' privacy, but also your own.

Where do we meet?

In a beautiful 5 star hotel of your choice. Home visits are only reserved for regulars. You cannot of course go to the escort's home

What should I take note of for a duo booking?

With a duo booking, it is very important that the chemistry is right between the two women. This can only be reliably ensured if the women already know each other, which is why we have entered suggestions for duo partners in the escorts' profiles. These ladies are either friends who know each other in their personal lives or have already met for a ménage à trois

What information do I need to provide when booking and why?

To give the women the best possible security, we need your full, real name (you can only arrange a meeting if you are registered with the same name at the hotel), a telephone number where we can reach you on the booking date, and the address of the hotel. We guarantee that your data will not be disclosed to third parties and will be treated with extreme discretion

Can I meet the escort without obligation?

No, gratuitous meetings are not possible. However, if you are planning to book an escort over a longer period, I recommend you first meet her for a shorter session.

What is the difference between Escoreal escorts and independent escorts?

Independent escorts are professional women in the escort business who plan and organise their dates themselves and thus can be contacted personally. At Escoreal escorts, the agency takes over the contact and scheduling of dates. The women we represent are amateurs who have a normal day job or are students and see escorting as a little adventure. They are therefore particularly dependent on the protection of privacy and discretion.

Can I also meet with the escort at her home?

No, because at Escoreal Escorts there are no women who are professional escorts and have an apartment for it.

What payment method do the escorts prefer?

To avoid misunderstandings, our escorts prefer when the business part is taken care of via the agency. You can send us the fee either by bank transfer or credit card, and we will then transfer the escort's percentage to her. Should you wish to pay in cash, we ask that you give the agreed fee to the escort in an open envelope at the beginning of the date. The escorts will be asked by us to quickly count the amount.

Can I also book an Escoreal escort exclusively?

Yes, if the escort is interested in meeting exclusively with you, this is an option. At the beginning of such an agreement, you should contact the agency. Together we will agree on a fair price depending on the previous earnings of the escort and the frequency of your intended dates. Only a monthly fee will be charged for the agency.

What should I do if I fall in love with an Escoreal escort?

If you fall in love with an Escoreal escort, and she feels the same way about you, I suggest that you book her exclusively. If this "test phase" goes well, there is nothing in the way of you having an official relationship. We as an agency will of course withdraw and would be delighted to have united two people.

How far in advance should I book?

The earlier the better. Our escorts are not call girls in the strict sense who sit glued to their phones waiting for a call from the agency. They must coordinate their secret hobby with their private lives, studies, or career. In the case of bookings made far in advance, we would ask you to confirm once again with us a few days earlier.

What should I keep in mind when I meet with the escort?

I have put together common "faux pas" in the Gentleman's Guide regarding this question. I do not of course want to dictate to any customer how he should spend his booked time. Nevertheless, the Gentleman's Guide may be of help to you as a guide.

When and how do I get access to the VIP lounge?

We will give you the password to the VIP lounge once you have booked with us at least 3 times. Please note, however, that we change the password at regular intervals to allow our escorts utmost discretion.


What distinguishes escoreal-escorts from other agencies?

At our agency, not only is the customer king, but the welfare and safety of our escorts is equally important to us. We are not out to make a fast buck and do not allow dates to occur if we do not have a good gut feeling about them. In addition, escoreal-escorts specialises in travel bookings. Unlike other agencies, our agency commission is significantly lower, however compensations for the escorts remains unaffected. Women are therefore more often able to enjoy being able to travel here.

Is the staff at escoreal-escorts always available for me?

Of course we are available to our escorts both during business hours and around the clock; especially before, during, and after a booking, so that we can provide the necessary security.

Who are escoreal-escorts clientele?

Our clientele includes sophisticated business people, academics, managers, celebrities, and wealthy clients who appreciate the company of an attractive young woman.

Is there a joining fee if I want to join the agency?

No, the agency will pay all costs for the preparation of your comp card and will also take care of the costs for the photo shoot, which you will then repay in instalments with your first bookings.

When can I leave the agency?

You can leave the agency at any time. If, however, no bookings have yet been made, you must reimburse the agency for the costs of the photo shoot

Is my personal information safe with you?

Absolutely. Your personal data will of course not be disclosed to third parties and will stay within the agency. We adapt to your requirements for anonymity. You can thus decide for yourself how much of your face will be obscured, if you want to present voice files on the official website or in the VIP lounge, and whether unobscured photos may be viewed by regular customers. If you require a very high level of anonymity, it is also possible for your profile to only be accessible in the VIP area.

Will the customers see unobscured pictures of me?

On the escoreal-escorts website your face is obscured as per your wishes. You can decide if you would like to have only your eyes or eyes and nose area, or your entire face censored by a bar. For regular customers who are well known to us, there is a password-protected page called the VIP Lounge, on which some of your pictures can be seen uncensored. However, if you expressly do not want this, we will not use facial photos of you there either. We offer anonymity tailored to your individual needs.

Will be my pictures only be displayed on escoreal-escorts, or will they appear on other sites?

Your pictures will mainly appear on escoreal-escorts. Occasionally we advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and escort forums and use photos there sporadically. But they are always censored in the same way as on the agency website. Please let us know us if you do not want this!

Can I work with you and with my own pictures?

It depends on the style and quality of your photos. But usually we prefer exclusive photos that are taken by our partner company photographers.

How many dates can I expect per month?

This question cannot be answered generally, since it depends on many different factors, such as your flexibility and availability. Of course, we strive to provide our customers with sufficient advance time to plan a date, though this is not always possible. Then it's up to you whether you can accept a date at short notice in your personal and professional life. Of course, other aspects are important, such as your personal attractiveness, your personality, and your service. You decide for yourself what your priorities are and how many dates you would like to accept per month.

Can I refuse customers?

Now that you've decided to be represented by an agency, we take over the selection of customers for you and only place you with reputable, nice, wealthy gentlemen. If in spite of this the chemistry is not right or you cannot imagine being intimate with the customer, you can of course cancel the date.

Where does the rendezvous take place?

Dates only occur in luxury, exclusive 5 star hotels.


Can I rely on your discretion?

Discretion is our top priority. You can trust that your data will be treated with the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties. Our escorts never get your phone number or email address. As the safety of our escorts is also very important to us, you have to respect that the escort you book will be given your name before the confirmed date.

Can I rely on the discretion of your escorts?

Absolutely. As the escorts are in the same boat as you, the circle of potential confidants is kept very small in its nature. In general, our escorts do not even tell their closest confidants about their secret hobby. Of course, we always reinforce discretion as the highest priority of a high-class agency to our escorts anyway.

What should I keep in mind with regard to discretion?

"Do not do unto others what you do not what others to do unto you." Discretion is just as important to our escorts as it is to you. Photos of the escorts may not be copied or distributed in forums, especially facial photos from the VIP lounge. Since the creation of Google Image search, this issue has become ever more sensitive, which is why I implore you to comply. The escorts have their whole lives ahead of them and do not want to ruin it through your intransigence. Likewise, we would prefer you not exchange phone numbers. In these cases, we will be forced to refuse you as a customer. I would also ask you to refrain from gossip about other women at the agency. Some of the escorts know each other and I would like to avoid disagreements resulting from this.

Which company name appears on my credit card statement?

Only our company name, which cannot be associated with escorting, will appear on your credit card statement.


Can I meet the escort before a planned holiday booking without obligation?

Especially if you are planning a multi-day holiday, I recommend you book the escort for longer (e.g. overnight). Often a cup of coffee alone is not enough time to see whether you get on in all respects.

Is arriving and departing together included in the booking period?

If you make it a point to travel with your escort (i.e. sit next to her on the plane or train), the duration is calculated at 50% of the normal fee.

What should I keep in mind when the escort is arriving by train or plane?

If the escort has to travel by train or plane, we ask you to transfer the travel expenses to us in advance. We will then book the requested train ticket or flight.

What should I keep in mind for dates outside of Europe?

A booking outside Europe should last at least 2 days, longer would be better of course. Please refer to the fee chart. Escoreal offers particularly favourable conditions for holiday bookings of 4 days or more. I recommend you have the escort arrive on the previous evening and book her hotel. She can then sleep off her jet lag and appear the next day fresh and rested for your date.


What do I do if the Escoreal model, despite everything, does not meet my expectations or the chemistry is not right?

You are of course - just like our models - a free person who can make independent decisions. If - in spite of seeing raw photos - the escort you booked does not meet your expectations or the chemistry isn't right at all, you can of course cancel your date by compensating the escort an expense allowance of €100 + the incurred travel costs. If you make your decision while the date is already underway, I ask that you compensate the escort for the time she has been with you. Please also inform the agency of your decision and reasons.

What should I consider if I need to cancel an appointment at short notice?

If you change your appointments and must therefore cancel a date at short notice, I ask that you inform the agency at least 24 hours in advance. We will charge you 40% of the agreed fee for late cancellations. We will of course try to cancel already booked flights or hotel reservations at no charge.

What should I consider if I have to cancel a date prematurely?

If you unexpectedly need to cancel your date while it is underway, we ask that you remunerate the escort for booked time that has already taken place, or at least for the minimum booking period of 1.5 hours.