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Munich, Bavaria, worldwide 
163 cm 
51 kg 
German (mother tongue), English (fluent) 
champagne, rose wine 
elegant, classic 
Bra: 34 C/ 75 C (silicone), panties: 3/36 
Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc 
travelling, tennis 

Short Profile

Hey you, if you read this and have already become aware of me, I would like to describe myself a little at this point.
Besides my communicative and eloquent nature, I love the finer things in life and am up for any fun.
Since I am very interested in culture and current world affairs, I am the perfect companion for any occasion.
I am very open-minded, approachable and adaptable. A certain pinch of fun and looseness should not be missing in any life situation.

Since I have traveled extensively and was thus allowed to get to know many cultures, I am very open-minded, understanding and tolerant.
I have a soft spot for long, deep conversations and quiet evenings.
However, there is also an adventurous and wicked/wild side in me.

It is extremely important to me to give my counterpart the feeling of being able to drop and let go.
I look forward to getting to know you and experiencing your/our desires and fantasies together with you .

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited."
(Albert Einstein) ...

* I'm a non-smoker
* My pictures were taken in July 2022
* recent: Mina had a breast surgery, new photos will probably be taken in March / April 2024

My Duo Partners

Public Feedback

Munich, June 2022
Hi Adriana, Please thank Mina on my behalf! She is lovely girl and I had a wonderful time. Thanks! Thanks also to you for the smooth coordination! Until next time ... 😉
Munich, August 2022
Dear Adriana, I forgot to give you feedback on the date with Flora & Mina: In short it was perfect, the two have harmonized perfectly and erotic was from A-Z everything and the two ladies and I have enjoyed every minute.
Munich, August 2022
Dear Adriana, Mina and Flora were really great women and the date with the two was great fun. Especially in this constellation I have not experienced anything comparable. You have not promised too much. Each individual would already guarantee a great date. In pairs, the two are but a firework 😉
Munich, October 2022
Hello Adriana, I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of my date with Mina, it was sensational. Mina has perfectly implemented my fantasy of the "blind & bondage" date.
Munich, November 2022
Hello Adriana, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the date with Mina. She is a very nice and warm person. I had a very pleasant time with her. I hope she enjoyed the evening as well and wish her all the best. Please give her my best regards. To you of course also a thank you for the organization.
Graz, December 2022
Both ladies appeared punctually at about 6 pm. From the first moment, the ice between the three of us was immediately broken and we chatted about a wide variety of things. Kira and Mina were characterised by a fantastic gracefulness, elegance, intellectual class and by beauty and charm that cannot be put into words. I felt as light as a feather from the first moment and was thus able to open up very easily. At 7.30 p.m. we went to the hotel's own restaurant and ate fantastic menus with a wonderful red wine; the conversation never faltered, I began to enter a state of limbo in the presence of these breathtaking ladies that cannot be put into words. About the time after dinner the noble gentleman is silent, only this much my expectations were exceeded by at least 10,000 times, I was not in the 7th heaven but in the 700,000 heaven afterwards, there were so many countless beautiful moments, so that this wonderful meeting with these two beautiful, attractive and lovely ladies will remain in my memory for a long time. Please give my love to Kira and Mina and of course many kisses from me! Thank you Adriana for making this dream menage a trois possible!
Stuttgart, April 2024
Dear Adriana, That was an absolute dream date with Mina yesterday - I'm still totally blown away! It's easy to see from the pictures that she looks great. Now sweetened with the super made, not exaggerated, horny breasts🤗👍🏼 But what neither sedcard nor pictures can really convey is the insanely loving, authentic, adorable and yet uncomplicated nature of Mina paired with a naturally horny passion 😍which I have only very, very rarely experienced in my (already long) life. It was only our first date together but certainly not the last!!!. Thanks to Mina and thanks to you for the smooth organization. 🙏🏼

My Fees

1,5 hours800 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,150 €
4 hours1,350 €
5 hours1,450 €
6 hours1,650 €
1 night (up to 12 hours)2,300 €
1 night (up to 18 hours)2,700 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)3,200 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,800 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,500 €
5 days7,000 €
6 days7,500 €
1 week8,000 €
10 days10,000 €
12 days11,000 €
2 weeks12,000 €

My Fares

München0 € 
Flughafen München70 € 
Ausgburg100 € 
Ingolstadt 100€ 
Ulm120 € 
Kempten120 € 
Innsbruck150 € 
Nürnberg150 € 
Stuttgart190 € 
Zürich250 € 
Frankfurt300 € 

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