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The photos of our ladies are taken by our partner photographers, from which you can be assured that our ladies do indeed look exactly as they do in the photos. We also offer regular customers the opportunity to view an unaltered, intimate photo of the ladies.

Exclusive Escorts

This is where you find the crème de la crème. These ladies work exclusively for our agency and can only be booked through us. So you can be sure to meet the girl next door, who only works as an escort for a hobby. The fees for our exclusive ladies are therefore slightly higher than those for the passionate escorts.

Passionate Escorts

Here you will find passionate ladies from the escort business, who love escort work so much they have made a career of it. In order for these ladies to be able to pursue their passion to the extent that they want, they are listed with several agencies. Therefore, their fees are slightly lower than those of our exclusive escorts.

Dates & Availability

If you would like to meet the lady you are interested in and want to experience a memorable date with her, we advise you to let us have adequate advance notice. It's quite simple; the earlier you ask, the more sure you can be that your chosen lady will also be available. So you must do your best to put yourself in her position. She has to coordinate her secret hobby with her daily life (college, work), and might need a solid alibi prepared for her friends and relatives.

Of course, you will benefit from having planned your date early by being pampered by a perfectly styled, fragrant and well-rested lady.


Please advise us in advance quite openly of the services you require.
Every lady has informed us on a questionnaire about what they normally offer, and we can give you appropriate recommendations.
However, all our ladies are individuals acting on their own responsibility, and the services they offer you depend on the chemistry they feel between you.

Please understand that as far as we are concerned, no ladies shall be forced or persuaded to offer something with which they do not feel comfortable.

Booking procedure

If possible your request should be made in writing, by filling out our booking form or sending us an email or text message. This enables us to prepare properly and find the lady who fits your requirements or ask your chosen lady. After this we will get in touch with you to discuss all the details and to confirm your date.

If on occasion speed is of the essence, you can of course reach us by phone on 0157/52704541. Please note that our opening times are from 09.00 to 19.00.


A deposit of 33 % is payable if the lady has to make a longer journey, for bookings abroad and for first time bookers.

Bank Details

We are happy to supply our bank details by email.

Payment in cash

If you do not wish to pay a deposit, you also have the option of giving the fee to the lady in an unsealed envelope at the beginnning of the date.

Please ensure that the lady does not have to mention her gift. This would represent an unnecessarily embarrassing situation for both parties.


As we want to continue to enhance our customer service, we rely on your honest feedback. We would simply like to know if you were satisfied with our advice and that our choice of lady met your taste. Therefore there is a feedback form on the lady's profile. You can decide whether your feedback may be published in the lady's profile, forwarded only to the agency (the lady will know nothing about this) or forwarded to the agency and the lady.

We would also especially appreciate it if you rate our models on the Mc Escort or Captain 69 portals.

Security check

Please give us your correct name (first and last name), so we can call you in your hotel room shortly before your rendezvous. If you do not do this, we regret that your date can not take place.


We handle your data, of course, in the strictest of confidence. Our escorts will never be issued with your phone number or email address.

Just as you do, our ladies want the utmost discretion. It is not permitted for you to ask the lady for her personal phone number or email address, or hand over your own business card. This would not only put the lady, since she has chosen to be represented by an agency, in an uncomfortable situation, but yourself as well. As a consequence your own discretion would be no longer be safeguarded, as endless texts are certainly not as easy for a wife to forgive as a discreet booking through our agency. We regret that we shall be forced to part company from both you as a customer and from the escort lady should we find that this rule has been breached.

Cancellation of your booking

Please inform our agency as soon as possible if you have to cancel a planned date. If the lady has already set out, an additional cancellation charge will be applied in the amount of the designated travel expenses. We can either use the deposit you have paid towards a new booking or refund you.

Termination of your date

If you do not like the lady you booked and you want to terminate your date, we ask you to please give the lady at least her travelling expenses. Please inform us by phone that you have terminated your date, and the reasons why. We will find a solution together.