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Vip Escort Vienna with our beautiful ESCOREAL Elite Escorts

Vip Escort Service Vienna welcomes you to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Should you belong to the kind of man for whom the best is just good enough, you are exactly at the right address with our Vip Escort Agency. Our Escort Service Vienna is looking forward to your booking!


Experience unforgettable adventures with our High Class Escort Service Vienna

In the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Vienna, old and young are united. In this historical metropolis, magnificent baroque buildings meet modern architecture and unite to form a unique symbiosis. You can experience a similar experience when you make use of our Premium Escort Service Vienna. Because our elite escort ladies from Vienna are happy to meet mature gentlemen from whose wealth of experience and "savoir vivre" they can benefit and learn. In turn, our carefree, young Vienna escort girls will be a source of youth for you and make you look several years younger. Just contact our international Escort Vienna and let this invigorating symbiosis come true!

At the Vienna Opera Ball - of course in the company of a beautiful High Class Escort Girl

With over 5000 guests, the Opera Ball in Vienna is the social highlight of the Austrian carnival. It is quite clear that you want to adorn them for this event with a wonderfully beautiful elite lady from High Class Escort Vienna. After all, what could be more beautiful than the sight of a perfectly styled lady in a grand evening gown and elaborate updo?! Such an event naturally requires careful planning. The right dress, the right shoes, the right hairstyle and, of course, your dancing skills should also be impressive. Therefore, we would recommend that you get to know your exclusive lady of choice in advance during a shorter rendezvous.

There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, you can be convinced of your Vip Escort Lady's confidence on the dance floor - after all, you will meet numerous entrepreneurs and politicians from Germany and abroad and want to cut a good figure. On the other hand, you can refresh your dance skills. Since for many the dance course is already a few years behind, it is recommended to take part in a "Ballblitz course" with your Vip Escort Girl. Within only one evening you can polish up your Viennese waltz. Of course, an appropriate dress code must also be observed at the opera ball. It is best to coordinate your wardrobe or rent the evening gown for your escort at a costume rental.

The international escort service of ESCOREAL wishes you a lot of fun at this exhilarating celebration!

Visit the Hotel Sacher with our luxury escorts from Vienna

The cosmopolitan city of Vienna has many first-class luxury hotels that offer you the right ambience for a dreamlike rendezvous with your Exclusive Escort Model. We can unreservedly recommend renowned 5-star hotels such as the Hotel Imperial, the Ritz Carlton or the Hotel Bristol. However, there is no way around a hotel if you are planning a romantic date in Vienna, even if you are only passing by for a café: The Hotel Sacher. As a member of the hotel industry association "The Leading Hotels of the World", the Hotel Sacher is one of the best addresses in Austria.

In this fairytale hotel, your escort lady's childhood dreams will come true and she will feel like Empress Sissi. By the way, Romy Schneider actually owed her role as "Sissi" to the resemblance to the bust of Empress Elisabeth that stands in the Hotel Sacher and during filming she also resided - how could it be otherwise - in the Hotel Sacher. A well-known speciality of the hotel is the original Sacher cake. If you are not a guest of the hotel, you should at least visit the hotel with your lady from our Viennese Vip Escort Agency and taste this traditional cake while listening to piano music in the café there.

Our Vip Escort Vienna models love romantic carriage rides

It should be no secret that our sweet high-class escort ladies love to be carried on their hands, as all women do. Give your chosen escort lady the feeling of being a princess and surprise her with a romantic carriage ride through Vienna. There is certainly no more beautiful ambience for a short sightseeing tour than traditionally in the original Viennese Fiaker. Here you can explore the most interesting places with your luxury escort lady without haste and hurry. Don't you like the idea of sitting in a carriage holding hands with a Vip Escort Vienna and attracting all the attention?