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Berlin, Hamburg, worldwide 
170 cm 
86-60-92 cm 
German (mother tongue), English (very good), Spanish (B1) 
everything from traditional fare to Mexican/Indian, but no fish/seafood 
still water, dry red wine, fruity white wine, milk coffee 
dresses & heels, jeans in daily life 
Bra 70 C panties: 36 
Marc Jacobs - Daisy or Chloé - Nomade 
pilates, baking, meeting friends, hiking 
employed with an NGO 

Short Profile

I'm easy going and am always happy to meet new people or discover new places. I have a positive outlook on life and am looking forward to creating more favourable memories.

* I'm a non-smoker
* My pictures were taken in November 2022

Public Feedback

Erfurt, December 2022
Hello Adriana, it was a very nice evening, Toni is terribly likeable, extremely attractive and so informal. Many thanks for this !
Düsseldorf, January 2023
The date with Toni was clearly and without exaggeration the best I have ever experienced in escort. Toni looks even better in person than in the already beautiful pictures and she is a stunningly sympathetic woman, with intellect, a dream body and with many "dark" secrets... ;-) She has also exceeded my expectations with the outfit. In this respect, your recommendation was one hundred percent correct. Too bad only that I was completely finished after 3h :-) I needed a day to "recover" from the date.
Berlin, September 2023
Hello Adriana, Thank you very much for asking. Individually, each of the two is already worth a real recommendation, very natural and not put on but with the desire to open up and engage with each other. I think with both you will feel well received and connected from the first second and without any break. But together, well that's a whole other level. If I didn't know better, I would say that they have known and liked each other for a very long time and have taken me on a journey together. A journey in which it was not always clear to whom now which body part belongs. Absolutely a date that is worth many a sin and an experience that will resonate for a long time. I belong to the men who at some point can not grasp your happiness and who then becomes aware that this is just not a private meeting after the club, this feeling came up on Thursday no second :) I'm glad that Naomi and Toni also liked it, and I look forward to a repeat on occasion. Please give my best regards to both of them.
Berlin, March 2024
Dear Adriana Thank you very much for arranging my date with Toni , I had the best time ever, not only she looks way much better than her photos, she is a mixture of beauty, brain and sophistication , I am really lost for words to describe her, I am hoping I will be lucky enough to see her again when I visit Berlin. Until then thank you again
Berlin, March 2024
Dear Adriana, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for organizing yesterday evening. Without wasting too many words - it was a very nice and fulfilling evening & I would be delighted if our paths crossed again from time to time in the future. Please give Toni a very warm greeting and a heartfelt thank you from me. Last night she was everything I had dreamed and wished for.

My Fees

1,5 hours800 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,100 €
4 hours1,300 €
5 hours1,450 €
6 hours1,600 €
1night (up to 12 hrs)2,100 €
1 night (up to 18 hrs)2,400 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,800 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,000 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days6,500 €
6 days7,000 €
1 week7,500 €
10 days9,000 €
12 days10,500 €
2 weeks12,000 €

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