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Mainz, Frankfurt, Europe 
167 cm 
82-60-90 cm 
German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (advanced), French (basic) 
vegan/ vegetarian, Asian 
Apreol Spritz, wine, fuit juice spritzers 
feminin; chic, modern 
Bra: 75 A (natural) panties: 34, Agent Provocateur, Aubade, La Perla 
dezent, sinnlich-süß 
yoga, running, art and culture, reading 
business consultant 
34 / XS 

Short Profile

I'm affectionate, open-minded and a little playful ;-)
I very willingly indulge in a sensual experience or be inspired by new impressions, life stories, arts or the moment. If you want to philosophize with me about deep topics, I'm just as into that as I am into simply sitting back and fully enjoying the moment!
What's important to me is that we experience wonderful moments together that we'll both think back to with a good feeling and a smile on our faces.

When traveling - as well as in life - I am thrilled to explore a new city or matter holistically, e.g. to stroll through the streets and let new impressions take effect on me. Bringing the day to an end in a good restaurant or a cozy bar followed by intensive time for just the two of us is something I appreciate very much.

I like regular enjoyable breaks and a "forgetting of the everyday stress" just as much as to experience new things and to have stimulating conversations - gladly with you.
I enjoy meeting new people in a special way and would also like to be your muse, at least for a short moment :)

* I'm a non-smoker
* Covid 19: Ihm fully vaccinated
* My pictures were taken in July 2022

My Duo Partners

Public Feedback

Leipzig, March 2020
Corinna:»Warum lächelst Du so?« – »Weil ich so glücklich bin.« Ja, sie sieht nicht nur schöner aus als auf den Bildern, sie fasst sich auch schöner an :-) Bilder können nicht kluge und lustige Sachen sagen, haben keine Wärme und keinen Duft und berühren nicht auf diese Weise ... Corinna ist eine ›Partnerin im Spiel‹; aufmerksam, höflich, leidenschaftlich, warmherzig. Das Treffen mit ihr hat sich gut und echt angefühlt – für alles Weitere sind Worte zu wenig.
Frankfurt, July 2021
It is always something special when a woman can kiss so REALLY GOOD. Less a question of 'technique' than the ability, to create a moment together outside of time. A moment, in which there is no before or after. And did I mention that Kissing is just one of the things Corinna does so REALLY WELL?
Frankfurt, March 2022
"I will ... definitely book again when I'm in ... !" - In life as well as in escort the moment counts, wishes for the future sometimes come true, but often for various reasons also not. Some like to 'try' as much as possible new, I rather not. It is a privilege to meet someone more than once, and a happiness when the togetherness becomes more intimate, and something like intimacy develops that goes beyond the physical. Thank you, Corinna.
Travel Escort, June 2022
Hi Adriana, My time with Corinna was absolutely amazing! She is a lovely girl and she really made an effort to make our time enjoyable. The three days flew by way too quickly. I really hope she enjoyed it as well. Thank you again for the professional and uncomplicated organisation of the meeting.
Wiesbaden, September 2022
Good morning Adriana, First of all, thank you for the perfect organization for my date with Corinna yesterday. I would also like to thank Corinna for the beautiful evening and the wonderful night. Corinna is a very attractive and passionate young lady with a lot of espirt and sympathetic charisma. Perfect clothes with lots of Sexpeal and entertaining entertainment - so everything a man wants. I enjoyed the beautiful hours very much, and can only recommend your escort. Thank you little princess Corinna - was simply beautiful with you! Gladly I come back on occasion again your escort.
Hanover, October 2022
Dear Adriana, As with the last meeting with Corinna, we got along great right from the start. She is a rather introverted and reflective young lady and, along with Beatrice, the most intelligent I have had the pleasure of getting to know from your agency. One can talk with her very profoundly about social, philosophical and even scientific aspects. In addition, Corinna is extremely athletic, has a beautiful figure and a picture-perfect face with fascinating eyes. Sounds all like a platonic meeting, far from it, Corinna can be very passionate and just by swinging on a wavelength got our togetherness an incredibly familiar and intimate feeling.
Stuttgart, March 2023
Thank you again for the wonderful date with the two angels Stella and Corinna. It was like paradise and has far exceeded all my expectations. My God that was beautiful, my first date with 2 girls. Hope the two have come home well. I would be happy if we would meet again in August. Thanks again and greetings to the girls!

My Fees

1,5 hours800 €
2 hours900 €
3 hours1,100 €
4 hours1,300 €
5 hours1,450 €
6 hours1,600 €
1night (up to 12 hrs)2,100 €
1 night (up to 18 hrs)2,400 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)2,800 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)4,500 €
For additional 24 hrs1,000 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days6,500 €
6 days7,000 €
1 week7,500 €
10 days9,000 €
12 days10,500 €
2 weeks12,000 €

My Fares

Mannheim50 € 
Stuttgart150 € 
Frankfurt50 € 

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