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Vienna, Munich, worldwide 
176 cm 
78-58-86 cm 
German (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (conversational), Spanish ( basics) 
mediterranean, asian, Israeli 
Champagne, Soda 
chic, elegant 
Bra: 75B panties: 34, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Kiki de Montparnasse 
Wellness, Nature, Traveling, Fashion 

Short Profile

I have always been attracted by the secret idea and erotic possibility of being strangers for a time and yet so close - and now I am here with my little, fine secret to share it with you. I have always been fascinated by wanting to understand man and his psyche as well as his drives and needs, desires and longings, but I am also fascinated by the human abysses. I am inspired by the very personal stories, views and life plans of mankind. 

To release boundaries, to let oneself fall, to enter exciting spheres - a desire and a secret wish that fulfills me and ideally gives both sides the incomprehensible moment of the highest, carefree feeling of happiness. 
In doing so, I keep my highest commandment to remain true to myself. Because my character and my preferences are characterized by my exciting, surprising versatility - so I radiate a certain youthfulness with my authentic naturalness and my open-minded, thirsty for knowledge, but unobtrusive nature, while on the other hand I also like to dive as a bohemian into the fascinating, dazzling parallel world full of sensuality, eroticism and deep passion to discover new or hidden things. 
What particularly excites me on my journey after new experiences and discoveries is to create a space together without prohibitions or prejudices, to completely surrender and let go.
I have many, as yet unexperienced erotic fantasies that I would like to experience together with you. The thought of slipping into other roles makes open boundaries break through in my fantasies, which I would love to share with you. 
My desire is to indulge with you in the forbidden pleasure of hedonism in the most diverse versions with the optimal goal of the detached state of suspension, in which passionate pleasure merges with inspiring freedom.

It is especially important to me to respond to your individual preferences and needs - free of time or performance pressure. I love the sensual, detached sex and feel especially here more potential for a certain depth and passion in contrast to a "planned" stimulus overload and cramped porn.

* I'm a non-smoker
* My pictures were taken in September 2022
* Covid 19: I'm fully vaccinated

My Duo Partners

Public Feedback

Vienna, December 2021
Dear Adriana, the answer is definitely YES. I had a very nice time with Adele. She is a charming, kind and very attractive young lady. The time with her flew by. With her manner, she also made it really easy for me to almost completely forget everyday life for the time we spent together. You really have a very great lady. And a repeat performance is practically a must. I'm already looking forward to it! :-) Please give her my best regards.
Munich, January 2022
Hello dear Adriana, yes, it was a super wonderful time with Adele, this enchanting young woman! It was something very special; two soul mates must have met there. Actually, Adele should not be free to roam around (kidding!). Thank you very much that I got to know Adele!
Bavaria, March 2022
Hello Adriana, Adele is absolutely Champions League. It's really hard to top that.
Tuscany, April 2022
Organisation et conseils parfait. Adele est un vrai rayon de soleil, une perle.
Desden, September 2022
Dear Adriana, the date with Adele was really very nice and the hours flew by. Adele is intelligent, warm-hearted, sensitive and an extremely good conversationalist with whom you can also have deep conversations. This makes the time after the talks all the more intimate and intense ;) Would recommend her at any time!
Augsburg, November 2022
The date with Adele was simply sensational. We got along splendidly, she is not only breathtakingly pretty, but also very very nice, educated and entertaining. Unfortunately, the time flew by much too quickly.
Vienna, November 2022
Hello Adriana, I had a great date with Adele. She’s extraordinarily interesting and educated, she has tons of positive energy, and she’s a true beauty. What a fantastic date!

My Fees

1,5 hours1,000 €
2 hours1,000 €
3 hours1,300 €
4 hours1,400 €
5 hours1,500 €
6 hours1,600 €
1night (up to 12 hrs)2,100 €
1 night (up to 18 hrs)2,500 €
1 day (up to 24 hrs)3,000 €
2 days (up to 48 hrs)5,000 €
For additional 24 hrs6,500 €

My Holiday Fees

4 days6,000 €
5 days6,500 €
6 days7,000 €
1 week7,500 €
10 days9,000 €
12 days10,500 €
2 weeks12,000 €

My Fares

München50 € 
Berlin150 € 
Köln250 € 
Hamburg200 € 
Paris300 € 
London300 € 
Wien0 € 

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